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Release is a boutique production company with a quest to redefine existing work and give life to new inspiring  ideas. Using musical rigour and innovative direction to deliver imaginative concepts, Release Creative is determined to create work of the highest calibre and relevance. Inspired by local artists, admirers of art, novella and international raconteurs, Release is building a reputation as a diverse organisation set to be a robust addition to Australia’s artistic community.



Release Creative’s quest is to give life to ideas that help expand theatre convention by exploring concepts that inhabit the highest level of artistic integrity and fulfil the desire for creative connection.



Release Productions take's inspiring concepts that have great commercial and artistic potential through from development to production, partnering with producers, creatives, festivals and venues.



Release Lab creates opportunities for emerging artists to develop their artistic practice by providing opportunities to connect with and learn from inspiring creative minds.

Zac Tyler

[ˈzæk tájlər]

Spend most of my days dreaming up new shows and producing cabaret. Dealing with borborygmuphobia [Fear of going hungry] is a daily struggle.


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Ruth Blythman

[ruːθ blaɪθmæn]

Singing marketeer turned creative producer. Obsessions include: interior design, trying to turn my fiancé vegan (unsuccessfully thus far) & finding new sheet music.


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